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The Way to Greater Happiness, Peace and Power

Something’s out of balance. Your hard work has brought tremendous amounts of success, but you’re stuck. You’ve gotten sideways with an important partner, or haven’t developed the next generation of leaders, or your team is wasting too much time. You feel you have more capacity, but keep hitting some limitation, some obstacle that prevents you from being all you can be.

What’s stopping you?

Skeen Leadership gets leaders and teams working from a place where they are thriving. By expanding your capabilities and leadership skills for yourself, your key leaders and your team, you’ll open profound new possibilities and achieve extraordinary results beyond other traditional business consulting firms. Find more information about our core programs below.

We believe that great leaders:

  • Are truly committed to a cause bigger than themselves.
  • Inspire ordinary people to take extraordinary action.
  • Set an example with the quality of their lives that others want to follow.
To help leaders see how great they can be in their personal and business lives, then help them get there.
In Built to Last and Good to Great, James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras studied companies that produced and sustained tremendous success. These researchers discovered that MISSION was key to greatness. Each of the companies they studied existed for something “bigger” than making a profit.


What would it be like if your company had a culture in which everyone was thriving?

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Are you casting a big enough vision, a dream that inspires people to bring their best every day? 

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Do those who will be stepping into senior leadership roles in the next five years understand their genius?

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