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Units of Potential

Imagine you have 10 units of potential.  How many are you currently using?  I have asked hundreds of people that question and answers range from

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Do you tell your boss the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

You have got to be kidding!  Being candid with my boss (or my peers) is like committing vocational suicide!  Everyone knows you have to keep

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Leadership Power Step 4: Call to Action

Over the last 3 posts, I have outlined three of the critical steps toward increasing your power as a leader. To recap: Step 1: Context

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possibilities in leadership

Leadership Power Step 3: Creating a Possibility

Powerful leadership is dependent on a context of connectedness. Step 1 You can’t effectively lead people with whom you have not built an open, caring

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Leadership Power Step 2: Integrity

Healthy connectedness is the context of leadership. That said, the foundation of leadership is integrity. You can’t effectively lead without walking your talk.   Your

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Leadership Power Step 1: Relatedness

Leadership is all about your ability to influence those around you. Strong leaders have great influence. People listen when they speak. People are moved by

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What Truly Matters to You?

Actions Speak Louder than Words Each of us has a psychological construct I am calling your “Circle” that delineates those things that matter to you

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The Two Components of Your Life Circle

There are two common elements for everything in your life Circle:   A dream or vision. Regardless of what you have in your Circle, you

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Freedom to choose your road

Freedom Is Rarely Free

The boy opened the cage in order to get back his golden ball. But, the price was high. He violated his parents dream and lost

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Greatness and motivation

Three Levels of Motivation

People are motivated by a variety of things and to various extents. However, I think we can lump almost everyone into three big baskets.  

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