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Are you sure you’re hiring the right person?

In his job interview, Bob sold himself masterfully. He said he was a team player. He said he loved opening new territories and cold-calling new accounts, and that he believed in good old-fashioned hard work and relationship-building.  His resume seemed to back up these claims, though he hadn’t stayed long at any one company, explaining that he always moved on once he helped a company reach record sales levels.  He was hired on the spot.

Within the six months, it was obvious that the company had made a mistake.  Rather than exploring new territories and opening new accounts, Bob called on the same prospects that his fellow salespeople were calling on.  He even tried to steal business from them by offering discounts! When confronted with this, Bob became defensive.  He claimed that his teammates were trying to steal his business.  He said no one understood him.  He started speaking poorly of the company in front of prospects.

After investing hundreds of hours in Bob’s training and supervision, after paying his base salary and benefits and all of the soft costs that go into on-boarding a new employee, after missing six months of opportunities to expand into new markets, the company came to the painful decision that Bob had to be terminated.


Can you avoid making disastrous hiring mistakes like Bob?


Can you know if a potential new hire is going to fit his job well – before he or she comes on board?


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you understood, before you made the decision, whether he or she had any beliefs or quirks that might interfere with his her success?


By using a tool like the Harrison Assessment, you can feel confident you’ll be selecting the right person, which works to your advantage in many ways:


  • Reduce recruiting and attrition costs
  • Improve strategic workforce planning and succession planning by accurately identifying and developing high potential employees
  • Improve employee productivity, satisfaction and retention through better employee job fit


The Harrison assesses eligibility and suitability, both of which are critical elements of the hiring assessment process to ensure you are hiring the right person. The eligibility methodology measures different levels of education, specific job experience, and job-related skills based on the employer’s criteria.  The suitability methodology measures individual traits, preferences and behavioral competencies based on the employer’s value and culture. The hi-tech suitability questionnaire collects the equivalent of more than a full day of behavioral testing in only 25 minutes.


This tool is based on 20 years of extensive research and validation.  It allows you to compare a job applicant’s natural interests and preferences against either a job profile in the Harrison job data bank or a specific profile built on the scores of your high-performers.  You can see before the hiring decision how well a prospective hire fits the job you will be asking them to do.


The process for the Harrison Assessment is simple:


  1. Each employer is provided with their own private web interface that walks the user, step-by-step, through the eligibility and suitability selection criteria. The employer chooses the relevant job and customizable job criteria from a menu.  The Employer is also given the option to weight the importance of each eligibility factor and assign scoring to different levels of experience, education and skills.  For suitability, the employer chooses the appropriate job-based performance template which can be customized in the same manner as the eligibility setup.
  2. Once the selection criteria are established in the setup process, the system automatically creates a job eligibility application that includes questions and answer options that reflect the employer’s custom job formula. Job applicants can fill out the employer’s custom eligibility application and participate in the behavioral (suitability) questionnaire.  The employer can invite job applicants to participate in the online assessment application either individually or by including an applicant access code in a job board or newspaper advertisement.
  3. The system calculates the answers of each job applicant according to the job formula created by the employer.  When the employer logs into the system, applicants are automatically ranked according to their levels of eligibility and suitability. The employer selects only the most qualified candidates to interview thus eliminating the need to review the resumes or interview the lesser qualified applicants.
  4. A targeted interview guide is provided to assist the interviewer (employer) to formulate specific job-related, behavioral-based interview questions. At the interview, the employer can also further evaluate the top candidates and rescore their eligibility answers.  The results are entered back into the system to recalculate a final score that is immediately available to the employer.  Applicants can be automatically notified of their hiring status with the click of a button.


The Harrison Assessment adds greater depth of psychological understanding with the application of Paradox Theory. By providing specific scores on a system of behavior, it provides insights that can be extremely helpful for coaching and self-development.  For example, the Harrison scores for “warmth/empathy” and “enforcing necessary rules”. Ideally, you want your managers to be skilled in both traits.  Those who are high in “warmth/empathy” but low in “enforcing necessary rules” are viewed as kind and supportive but are not strong enough in setting boundaries and insisting that timelines are kept.  Those who are low in “warmth/empathy” but high in “enforcing necessary rules” are too harsh and demanding to win the hearts and minds of their people.


The Harrison is a powerful and inexpensive tool that is of tremendous value for:

  • Hiring new people
  • Developing current staff
  • Building effective teams


Only a dense leader would hire a dense person who was a total mismatch for the job.  With a tool like the Harrison, you can allow the light of understanding to penetrate your blind spots. You’ll see what you don’t normally see, and find amazing success with adding new people to the team – beyond anything you’ve ever known.


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