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possibilities in leadership

Leadership Power Step 3: Creating a Possibility

Powerful leadership is dependent on a context of connectedness. Step 1 You can’t effectively lead people with whom you have not built an open, caring

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Leadership Power Step 1: Relatedness

Leadership is all about your ability to influence those around you. Strong leaders have great influence. People listen when they speak. People are moved by

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Freedom to choose your road

Freedom Is Rarely Free

The boy opened the cage in order to get back his golden ball. But, the price was high. He violated his parents dream and lost

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Greatness and motivation

Three Levels of Motivation

People are motivated by a variety of things and to various extents. However, I think we can lump almost everyone into three big baskets.  

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You Can’t Please Everyone – So, Cancel Some Meetings

One of the first major steps we all must take if we are to become all we can be is to give up pleasing others.

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  • New Years Resolution for Business

New Year’s Resolutions

Who controls your future? Who determines what your 2016 will bring? These are such important questions. If you control your future, you should be very

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Your “Extraordinary” Self

I have been asking people if they can distinguish between times when they are being their ordinary selves and when they are being their extraordinary

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Being Chased by a Bear?

Do you know the story about the two guys who were camping when a bear showed up?  The one guy started putting on his shoes. 

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Your Professional Roadmap

Quite a few years ago, I was asked by Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spears to create “Roadmaps” for their careers.  They are both extremely bright

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The Change Formula

How do you get yourself and others to change? This is such a vexing issue in the workplace and in every other area of life. 

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