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Leadership Power Step 4: Call to Action

Over the last 3 posts, I have outlined three of the critical steps toward increasing your power as a leader. To recap: Step 1: Context

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possibilities in leadership

Leadership Power Step 3: Creating a Possibility

Powerful leadership is dependent on a context of connectedness. Step 1 You can’t effectively lead people with whom you have not built an open, caring

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Leadership Power Step 2: Integrity

Healthy connectedness is the context of leadership. That said, the foundation of leadership is integrity. You can’t effectively lead without walking your talk.   Your

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Leadership Power Step 1: Relatedness

Leadership is all about your ability to influence those around you. Strong leaders have great influence. People listen when they speak. People are moved by

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What Truly Matters to You?

Actions Speak Louder than Words Each of us has a psychological construct I am calling your “Circle” that delineates those things that matter to you

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Words That Inspire

A good friend shared the following list from Inc. Magazine from research professor and TED speaker, Brene Brown. I thought it was worth passing along

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Change the course of ife

What Do You Want?

I can’t think of a more important question for you to answer. What do you want?   If you already have what you want, you

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The Harvest Principle

What you sow, you reap in kind… There is a principle in life that we all know. It goes like this, “You reap what you

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A Fairy Tale: Part 2 – Are you Free?

The Fairy Tale continues. The King and Queen had a little boy/girl who had a favorite toy; a golden ball. The ball represents pleasing. As

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Why Do You Need Money?

Are you enjoying your job? Is every day satisfying and energizing? Do you feel free to be yourself, to express your thoughts, to do things

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