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Units of Potential

Imagine you have 10 units of potential.  How many are you currently using?  I have asked hundreds of people that question and answers range from

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Do you tell your boss the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

You have got to be kidding!  Being candid with my boss (or my peers) is like committing vocational suicide!  Everyone knows you have to keep

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Leadership Power Step 4: Call to Action

Over the last 3 posts, I have outlined three of the critical steps toward increasing your power as a leader. To recap: Step 1: Context

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Leading high performance teams means having fun at work. Whaaat?

I overheard someone say, “Of course work isn’t fun. That’s why they call it work!” I suppose they meant that work is supposed to be

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Do You Struggle with Giving Feedback?

One way people are dense is when they have feedback that can help another person, but are unable to muster the courage or ability to

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Something is Wrong Here! ….Are You Sure?

Something is wrong here. I hear it every day. Actually, many times a day.  Something is wrong here.  Management made the wrong decision.  Management didn’t

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Even when you trust your team, they may not trust you

The four trust factors critical to your company One of my clients is known for their supportive and nurturing culture.  No one is held accountable

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