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What it means to mentor

A Fairy Tale: Part 3 – The Role of a Mentor

The story of Iron John continues (explore Part 1 and Part 2). When the boy realized his choice to release Iron John ruined the life

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The Harvest Principle

What you sow, you reap in kind… There is a principle in life that we all know. It goes like this, “You reap what you

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  • Wild and free dreams
  • Business goals and resolutions

A Fairy Tale: Part 2 – Are you Free?

The Fairy Tale continues. The King and Queen had a little boy/girl who had a favorite toy; a golden ball. The ball represents pleasing. As

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Are you sure you’re hiring the right person?

In his job interview, Bob sold himself masterfully. He said he was a team player. He said he loved opening new territories and cold-calling new

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Are you breathing?

Of course you are.  But, you may not be paying attention to how you are breathing and you may not know the connection between your

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Five “Whys”

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is one you are likely to be most reluctant to ask. Why? Until you address

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The “Other” Competence of Leadership

I have the good fortune to work with some amazingly competent people.  Most of my clients are at the top of their field.  They have

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Giving Up Neediness

Being needy creates all manner of problems for us and for those to whom we relate.  Imagine that I feel like I need more money. 

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Great People: The Story of Sam

Sam is a great man.  He has worked at the same job for 12 years. Over that time he has significantly contributed to his firm’s

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How Much Money is Enough?

This can be such a difficult question to answer. For many of us the answer is simply, “there is never enough!”  How can you have

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