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Golden Hair

Iron John walks into the woods with the boy on his shoulders. He takes him to a pond with crystal-clear water and makes a bed of moss for him. He tells the boy that he must go away for the day and instructs the boy to not allow anything to fall into the water.


The boy sits next to the pond and the day grows long. His finger aches from being pinched when he opened Iron John’s cage. He forgets and sticks his finger into the water to soothe the pain. Immediately, he remembers Iron John’s warning. He pulls out his finger but it has turned golden. He hears Iron John coming and hides his finger but Iron John knows exactly what has happened. He forgives the boy but warns him not to let it happen again.


Twice more Iron John goes away for the day and issues the same instructions. Twice more the boy is neglectful, once allowing a hair to fall from his head into the water and then being careless and letting his long hair fall over his face and into the pond. This final time causes all of his hair to turn golden. When Iron John returns, he tells the boy, “I find no evil in you, but you can stay with me no longer. You must start your journey. But, if you need my help come to the edge of the forest and call my name.”


Now, the boy is despondent. As a result of freeing the “wild man” he has lost everything; his inheritance, reputation, family and friends.   He hoped that Iron John would assist him, but having failed his test three times, he has lost his mentor as well.


But, if you look deeper, you will see that Iron John gave the boy the one gift he needed more than any other. He gave him golden hair.


Golden hair represents the knowledge of your special gift; the innate ability that belongs to you that is meant to empower your life. When you know your “golden hair” you know what you were meant to do in the world. You have found your place of power and significance.


Have you yet found your golden hair? Read more about Iron John and the lessons he teaches.

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Jack Skeen
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