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Iron John Golden Hair

Golden Hair

Iron John walks into the woods with the boy on his shoulders. He takes him to a pond with crystal-clear water and makes a bed

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You Can’t Please Everyone – So, Cancel Some Meetings

One of the first major steps we all must take if we are to become all we can be is to give up pleasing others.

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Words That Inspire

A good friend shared the following list from Inc. Magazine from research professor and TED speaker, Brene Brown. I thought it was worth passing along

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Change the course of ife

What Do You Want?

I can’t think of a more important question for you to answer. What do you want?   If you already have what you want, you

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Learning Humility: Shoveling Ashes

The boy is alone wandering on an empty road. He has no money, no friends, no place to go. Eventually, he finds a town, far

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What it means to mentor

A Fairy Tale: Part 3 – The Role of a Mentor

The story of Iron John continues (explore Part 1 and Part 2). When the boy realized his choice to release Iron John ruined the life

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The Harvest Principle

What you sow, you reap in kind… There is a principle in life that we all know. It goes like this, “You reap what you

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The Circle

What is The Circle? It is that which defines what truly matters to you, that which is hugely important. Your Circle is the most defining

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  • New Years Resolution for Business

New Year’s Resolutions

Who controls your future? Who determines what your 2016 will bring? These are such important questions. If you control your future, you should be very

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  • Wild and free dreams
  • Business goals and resolutions

A Fairy Tale: Part 2 – Are you Free?

The Fairy Tale continues. The King and Queen had a little boy/girl who had a favorite toy; a golden ball. The ball represents pleasing. As

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