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Are you sure you’re hiring the right person?

In his job interview, Bob sold himself masterfully. He said he was a team player. He said he loved opening new territories and cold-calling new

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A Fairy tale: Part 1 – Are You Wild?

There is a very old Fairy Tale that goes something like this: Once upon a time, there was a kingdom that had a vast forest.

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Getting your Plane Turned Around On Time

The key to success for Southwest Airline is how quickly they can turn out a plane from the time it lands to the time it

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Analyzing Your Key Talent

One of the best ways to evaluate your current talent and need for talent is to plot it out in such a way that it

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Your “Extraordinary” Self

I have been asking people if they can distinguish between times when they are being their ordinary selves and when they are being their extraordinary

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Why Do You Need Money?

Are you enjoying your job? Is every day satisfying and energizing? Do you feel free to be yourself, to express your thoughts, to do things

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Top 10 Characteristics That Signify You Don’t Need Executive Coaching

I guess executive coaching is not for everyone because some people just don’t seem interested. They hid from it. I am sure there are people

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To Me, By Me, Through Me: How We Experience Life

There are three ways that we can experience our lives. The quality and effectiveness of our lives is largely determined by which way is dominant.

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Are you breathing?

Of course you are.  But, you may not be paying attention to how you are breathing and you may not know the connection between your

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Are you above or below “the line”?

What do you think?   You are probably thinking “What is ‘the line’?”. What does your intuition tell you? “The Line” is a simple but profound

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