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What Do Gnats and Elephants have to do with Being an Effective Leader?

Making small things in life into big things, and big things in life, into small things. These are your elephants and gnats. One of the

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Drama: How Dense Can You Be?

Oh, the corporate drama. “The CEO is mad.  He made a bunch of investments in new tech companies that aren’t panning out.  I don’t think

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Even when you trust your team, they may not trust you

The four trust factors critical to your company One of my clients is known for their supportive and nurturing culture.  No one is held accountable

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Everyone Should Sail in the BVI at Least Once

I recently returned home from vacation in the British Virgin Islands.  I still feel the rocking of the sailboat under my feet even after being

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Speed of the Leader, Speed of the Team

Life is constantly giving you leadership feedback. The Center for Creative Leadership has identified 67 discrete competencies, a subset of which can be used to

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How Rich Do You Want to Be?

Do you desire to be rich in life experiences or monetary items? I have been asking people when they felt richest.  Their responses are quite

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Executive Leadership Team: A Story of Camelot

Do you have a bright, talented executive team? It is so important to have bright and talented people on your executive leadership team. Capable and

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Leadership Decisions – Would You Buy a Plane?

Do you always have good judgment when you make important decisions for your business? Do you have biases that might distort your judgment and could

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