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The Two Components of Your Life Circle

There are two common elements for everything in your life Circle:


  1. A dream or vision. Regardless of what you have in your Circle, you have some desired outcome, some preferred future, some envisioned state. This is the most fundamental component of anything that truly matters to you. Until you have a clear vision of what you truly want, it simply can’t be very important to you. This is the reason we encourage you to dream big dreams. Children are natural dreamers. They want to be doctors, teachers, firefighters and the President of the United States. Unfortunately, as we age we seem to give up dreaming. We begin to settle for “what is” rather than imagine what “might be”. But our dreams are the fuel for change. They propel us to take on new challenges, to make things happen. So, before you assume something is in your Circle, ask yourself if you have a dream or vision for that thing. If you don’t, leave it out. If you do, put it in.


  1. Consistent behavior. The things in your Circle aren’t wishes, they are motivators. They are the things that get you out of bed and in action. The things in your Circle keep your attention, focus your energy and direct your activity. It isn’t always easy to fulfill your dreams. But, the very effort of bringing your dreams to life will change you for the better. Every accomplishment in life started with a dream and the determination to bring it to life. Building a life of thriving can be, and usually is, hard work. But the work is worth it. So, ask yourself if your choices demonstrate your commitment to that which you are considering putting in your Circle. If they don’t, leave it out. If they do, put it in.


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Jack Skeen
Jack Skeen, founder of Skeen Leadership, has been coaching bright and successful leaders for close to two decades, spending thousands of hours addressing every imaginable leadership, business and life issue with wisdom and professionalism.

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