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To Me, By Me, Through Me: How We Experience Life

There are three ways that we can experience our lives.

The quality and effectiveness of our lives is largely determined by which way is dominant.

To me.

When we experience life as happening to us, we tend to be fearful. We are worried that bad things are just around the corner. We feel as if life is good for others but not for us. Life isn’t fair.People don’t treat us as they should. We are at the effect of people and circumstances bigger than ourselves. This is a painful way to live but one in which many people seem to be trapped.

By me.

When we shift to experiencing life as happening by me things get better. We have mastered the concept of taking 100% responsibility for our lives. We know that we have created all that we have; both good and bad and that we can create whatever we want. We approach our lives with clarity, determination and perseverance. We are no longer fearful, but we do tend to become frustrated when people or circumstances slow us down or get in our way. We also can exhaust ourselves trying to make happen what we determined should occur.

Through me.

Few people seem to rise to this level of experiencing their lives. When we are experiencing life as happening through us, we come to every moment without any preconceived idea as to what should occur. Instead, we live in a constant state of openness and wonder. We are balanced and poised such that we can see clearly whatever opportunity appears and can align with it effortlessly. Our lives are without stress and amazing things are occurring with very little effort.

There is a path of maturity for each of us to pass through the lower levels and to rise to experiencing life as happening through us. We become more effective in all that we do and become better human beings.


About Jack Skeen

Jack Skeen
Jack Skeen, founder of Skeen Leadership, has been coaching bright and successful leaders for close to two decades, spending thousands of hours addressing every imaginable leadership, business and life issue with wisdom and professionalism.

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