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Units of Potential


Imagine you have 10 units of potential.  How many are you currently using?  I have asked hundreds of people that question and answers range from 2 to 8 with most clustering between 5 and 7.   This certainly isn’t a scientific measure, but it raises a profound question.   If even successful people are using only 2/3 of their potential, what if they could release just another 1 or 2 units of potential into their lives and work?

So, how do you find more of your potential?  Notice where you find yourself holding back.  Perhaps you have some ideas you aren’t willing to share because you aren’t sure it others are receptive to them.  Or, perhaps you aren’t willing to speak up and share your opinions and judgments lest they rock the boat or get you into trouble.  When you are reigning yourself in you are likely blunting some of your potential.

Business cultures should encourage and support the release of more potential from every employee.  They should encourage creativity, courage, passion and candor.  While I know some very good corporate cultures, I have yet to discover one that doesn’t need some improvement.  Wherever there is fear of repercussions for speaking your mind or a lack of receptivity to being challenged or receiving feedback, people will hold back.

Please comment as to how much of your potential you are using.  You can add to my database.

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