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Our Clients

Aquamarine Capital
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Classic Lawn and Landscape
Cohn Reznick
Cross Com
EKR Therapeutics Inc
Empower Public Relations
Hartman Executive Advisors
Howard Bank
Linden Street Capital
Logos Technologies
MKP Capital
Spencer Capital
Whiteford Taylor Preston

What they say…

“I have found that through the course of my life I have developed stories about myself and the world that surrounds me. Some of those stories are accurate, some are totally false. Some of the stories are enabling and others cause me to limit my potential. Jack Skeen has provided vital insights into how I use these stories in my interaction with the world around me. His unique abilities have enabled me to better recognize the truth about myself and my environment so that I can take down self-constructed barriers and expand my ability to make important contributions in several different fields of endeavor.”
Bert Glaser, M.D.
CEO, National Retina Institute,
“I have worked with Jack as a coach and as a consultant transforming individuals, teams, and organizations. He is deeply insightful. He has the highest level of commitment to personal and professional transformation and makes impossible ideas achievable. His work has lasting impact and enduring application.”
Cheryl Thomas, Sr. Vice President 
Human Resources, Johnson Financial Group 
”Having inherited a complicated “turnaround” assignment, I sought the assistance of Jack Skeen in developing a high performance management team, capable of successfully dealing with the challenges ahead. Jack played a key role in enabling the team to produce superior results over a 3-year period. He proved effective in enriching team dynamics as well as accelerating the contributions of key team members, including myself. I consider Jack to be an ideal resource for assisting executives in their pursuit of superior results.”
Forrest Whittaker
-Avalign Technologies, Inc.,
“I have known a number of people who have worked with Jack successfully. He has tremendous insight and attacks the tough issues to help people realize their potential.”
The Honorable Steven Preston
-Former Executive Vice President, The Servicemaster Company,
“Jack creates a safe environment where one can experience who they are more fully, without guilt, fear or angst, and in so doing, get clarity on who they are and what they are here to do.”
Jean Moran-
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