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Top 3 Reasons People Aren’t Thriving

  • DENSE AS ROCKS Most people are too ‘dense.’ I don’t mean this in a judgmental or pejorative manner.  I am simply describing a state of being, like saying a rock is dense because not much light penetrates it. They simply aren’t seeing the big picture. Because their perspective is constricted they are unable to see possibilities that lie outside of their point of view.  Much of the anxiety and unhappiness people experience is due to being dense.
  • WASTED GIFTS Everyone has a ‘genius gift,’ even if most don’t know what it is or ever discover it. Knowing your genius is one of the keys to wild success and a satisfied life. When you know your gift and focus on developing that skill, you will be amazed at how wonderful your work life will become.
  • SELF-SABOTAGE Even really smart people do stupid things. Many people do things that sabotage their success and limit their effectiveness without any awareness of those obstacles. It is only when they gain awareness of and take responsibility for their idiosyncrasies that they can be free to rise to the next level.



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