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Leadership Training

Enhancing the leadership skills and maturity of talented people within your organization.

High-potential employees are the lifeblood of your company’s stability and success. Attracting and retaining these talented employees is a critical success factor in today’s competitive marketplace. Unfortunately, mentoring and training these valuable resources often takes a back seat to daily business demands.

Leadership Training is a cost effective and potent investment in these high potential people. This program delivers an agenda for growth that seasons young leaders and prepares them for promotion within your organization.

The following components are included:

  • A personalized feedback process that gathers thorough information on their current strengths and development needs through interviews with key people
  • Personality testing
  • Personal interviews
  • A comprehensive Development Plan that includes all of the preceding data and recommendations for key learning and skill development.
  • Three months of leadership coaching to ensure that the insights gained are actually put into concrete action

This program is ideal for companies that do not have an “in-house” training and development program and who recognize the need to reward and invest in their high potential employees. Our goal is to equip these young leaders to make a powerful positive difference in your company and in the world.

The CEO of one of our client companies, Ovation Pharmaceuticals, engaged in this process to “check it out.” He was impressed enough to roll it out to his direct reports. Now he has elected to invite four of their high-potential employees per quarter to participate this program. His leaders are seeing new ways to add to their effectiveness; often beyond their formal job description. They are more excited, better focused and exerting more leadership. Feedback and results are so positive that they have made it a permanent part of their leadership development.

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